Diversity and Inclusion Advisor/Strategist

Drawing on 20 years of experience and expertise in helping leaders and groups create value, my practice focuses on supporting the visualization and realization of building and sustaining diverse, inclusive, and equitable independent school communities. As a leader in this field, I know the journey first hand and I apply this knowledge to my work with heads of schools, boards of trustees, diversity practitioners and committees to increase awareness and build support for effective and successful diversity and inclusion initiatives. Whether a school is taking its first steps on a diversity and inclusion journey or exploring new horizons, working with an experienced guide can make all the difference.

What I Deliver:

  • Coaching and feedback to heads of schools, boards, administrators, and diversity practitioners.

  • Campus visits and work with constituent groups to bring awareness and gauge support for the mission-based and strategic importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

  • Support for the development of diversity mission or vision statements.

  • Coordination, insight, and support for the development of strategic planning and implementation for diversity equity, and inclusion.

  • Guidance in the formation and work of diversity and inclusion committees.

  • Facilitation of focus group sessions to access the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion initiatives before, during, and after implementation.

Presentations and Trainings

Topic choices include:

  • Relational Trust – The Core to Successful Leadership in Independent Schools

  • Professional Communities of Practice – From Mindfulness, to Obligation, in the Direction toward Action

  • Making the Case for Diversity, Parts I & II

  • Socio-Economic and Class Diversity – 
The Assumptions We Make

  • Race and Ethnicity in America – 
Fears and Courageous Conversations

  • Affinity Group Work: Benefits and Challenges for an Independent School Community

  • Strategically Planning for Diversity Committees and Task Forces

Customized Research Projects

Utilizing focus groups and interviews, a research project is designed and delivered concentrating on issues related to all areas of:

  • Governance

  • Learning and Teaching

  • Student Achievement

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Leadership

  • Development and Alumni Affairs

  • Parent Engagement

  • Community Relations

Each project includes a written scope of work, research methods to be used, confidentiality agreements, deliverables, and expected outcomes of the research project.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

In addition to my consulting practice, I am trained in the following executive & leadership coaching modalities, including:

• 360-Degree Feedback Facilitation;
• Career & Performance;
• Conflict Management;
• Group/Team Development;
• Interpersonal & Relationship Skills;
• Leadership Branding & Presence;
• Leadership Development;
• Life/Personal;
• Onboarding/Succession;
• Self-Awareness and Trust Development.